The Water Clock – Jim Kelly (2002) – A Murder They Wrote… Review

imagesN8KPZ1YT               kelly

I haven’t read anything by British crime writer Jim Kelly before and chose to begin with his 2002 debut. It was well received on publication and is a nicely crafted tale set in the watery environment of the Cambridgeshire Fens. Main character (with a lot of mileage ahead of him as a character) is local newspaper reporter Philip Dryden, who has a wife in a coma following an accident two years before. A car is fished out of a frozen river with a body inside and this, together with the discovery of older remains points to a connection with a robbery carried out during the 1966 World Cup Final. Dryden wants to unearth the story before the police and use the opportunity to discover hidden information about his wife’s accident, but someone does not want him to do either. The landscape of the Fens plays a major part, there’s a lot of driving around and the wateriness of it all builds up into a gripping ending. I very much enjoyed reading this and am sure I will soon be reading more by Kelly.   A quick check suggests another six Philip Dryden novels, and five involving the team of DI Peter Shaw and DS George Valentine who Kelly introduced in his 2009 novel “Death Wears White.”




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