The One You Love – Paul Pilkington (2013) – A Murder They Wrote Review


I got this as a free Kindle book on Amazon (it’s now currently available for 98p) after noticing that it had been near the top of Amazon’s free e-book chart for some time (Real book readers- it was published by Coronet in 2014). This popularity is not surprising, as it’s good. Pilkington is very accomplished at pumping up the tension. In a modern London setting we meet Emma, a TV actress at the start of her hen night finding out that her fiancé has not turned up for his stag do. A return to the flat they share finds the fiancés brother badly injured with him nowhere to be seen. Obviously, the past and secrets kept have a major role to play here, but whose past and what has caused Dan’s disappearance? There’s a good amount of twists and turns and it’s a well-paced quick read. It’s hard not to become frustrated by some of Emma’s actions but it does do exactly what a suspense novel should, keep you thinking and keep you reading. It’s also very visual suggesting it could work well on television. This is the first part of a trilogy featuring the main character (I still have the other two to go).


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