Spilled Blood – Brian Freeman (2012) – A Murder They Wrote Review

spilledbloodI downloaded this as a free Kindle Book, although that offer seems to be over and Amazon currently have it for sale for £4.18. This was book number 8 for this American crime novelist who I hadn’t read before and it was very readable and well-plotted. A lawyer comes to his teenage daughter’s rescue when she is charged with the murder of a fellow High-School student, the daughter of Florian Steele, CEO of a large environmental company. Locals claim this company is responsible for cases of cancer caused by pollution. This has led to a feud, particularly amongst teenagers in the two neighbouring towns and Olivia’s actions are seen as part of that feud. She is arrested and father Chris has to find out what actually happened. There’s a veil of secrecy against outsiders and the proximity to his separated-from wife leaves Chris confused. Along the way there’s cover-ups, lone avengers, a pornography connection and an environmental incident that makes a surprising and gripping finish. Freeman manages this all well. I wasn’t expecting much from an Amazon free crime novel, but this is an author I would be happy to read again so offering this free might pay dividends. threestars

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