The Sculptress – Minette Walters (1993) – A Murder They Wrote Review

imagesN8KPZ1YTsculptressAfter reading my first Walters novel “The Breaker” (1998) and thoroughly enjoying it I thought I’d go back and explore her earlier work and this is where I began. This is probably her most famous book, because of a BBC TV series which starred Pauline Quirke (I never saw it) playing the grotesque, overweight Olive Martin, a convicted axe murder found guilty of chopping up her mother and sister. The central character is a female writer who is reluctantly commissioned to write Olive’s life story and what starts off as a gruesome search for sensationalism leads to the belief that Olive may be innocent. For me main character Roz is the weak point. She isn’t particularly likeable or convincing. This is especially the case with her relationship with a retired policeman from the case- a relationship which seems implausible and unreal. Olive, a larger than life figure, is relegated to the sidelines in the novel and this seems a bit of a missed opportunity. I wonder if the part was beefed up (in every sense) for the TV series. I would have liked more Olive and less of Roz and her policeman turned restauranteur. It all resolves itself well with a lot of possible scenarios going on at once. Walters seems to be deft at handling plot strands. It is reasonably well-paced and there is skilful storytelling. It is twenty two years old and crime novels do date and I am convinced that later novels will show more rounded characterisation cementing Minette Walter’s reputation as one of Britain’s best crime writers.     threestars

8 thoughts on “The Sculptress – Minette Walters (1993) – A Murder They Wrote Review

  1. I did see the TV adaptation and it was very good. It came as a surprise to me to discover that Pauline Quirke could really act – she gave a great performance as Olive. Recommended, if you ever get a chance to see it…

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      1. I did read a couple of her books way, way back – can’t remember which ones to be honest, but I definitely haven’t read The Sculptress. I enjoyed them, but not enough to really look out for more, from what I recall…

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  2. Kay Carter

    Didnt see the TV series and not read this one of Minette Walters. Did read The Scolds Bridle which was okay, nothing special and didn’t inspire me to read a any thing else of hers. But I might give her another go.

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    1. I did prefer “The Breaker” which is set on the Dorset coast and you get a real feel for the location. When I was reading it I was sat out in the front garden and a guest from Finland saw it and said that she had read it, so obviously Minette Walters has an international reputation.


  3. I came to Minette Walters work through The Sculptress which really showed off the high quality of Pauline Quirke’s acting. Last year I treated myself to a set of 5 DVDs of the TV adaptions specifically for this one. I liked the way she used statements etc. as part of her books, quite a new idea at the time.


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