The Dead Sea Deception – Adam Blake (2011) – A Running Man Review

imagesdeadseaA British author’s debut work and on publication there was a hint of mystery around Blake as the in-book biog states it’s a pseudonym for a best- selling British author. I had to rummage around in Wikapedia to reveal Mike Carey, best known for his writing for Marvel Comics. This is a good example of the adventure genre and feels a little different by having a female police officer as the central character ( a running woman review?). The first half, particularly, reads like a successful cross between “Da Vinci Code” and a police procedural crime novel. There is a plane crash in Arizona; a death of a university professor is given to Heather Kennedy to investigate just to keep her busy and an ex-military man is on a mission to seek out his missing wife and children. These plot strands merge as religious fanatics who are following a faith where Judas Iscariot is the central figure become a factor in all three. By midway the book has become a more standard religious themed thriller, although there are no Nazis or plots for world domination! I like this merge of genres and if Blake is able to pull this off as well in subsequent novels (a bit more procedure, a bit less adventure) he could well produce one of the outstanding books of this genre. threestars

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