How things are going…… (Blogging 101 Introductory Assignment)

I wrote my first blog post just over 5 months ago and I had little idea really as to what I was doing.  For the next few weeks I am taking part in the Blogging 101 Course run by WordPress which will hopefully answer those little niggling questions as to how to do things I’m still finding problematical.   Hopefully, you will see the benefits on this site.

As a way of introduction to those who will come to this site via the Blogging course.  I thought I’d take stock of the last few months of blogging three or four times a week.  Looking back at my very first post, the introductory one at the top of this page I have been really pleased that I’m more or less doing what I said I would.

This is going to be my 75th post.  I have reviewed 73 books and 10 CDs.  I haven’t got round to reviewing any films yet, but that’s probably because my time for film viewing has dropped considerably because of all the reading I have been doing.  I have been accepted as a member of Netgalley and I am absolutely thrilled to have readers from all around the world.  By following me I hope to be bringing you more of the same over the coming months plus a few new ideas which I’m not going to give away just yet, but I think they are exciting developments.  I do always welcome comments on reviews etc. so don’t be shy.  Hopefully, I’ll get to learn to be more adept with the technical aspects, which generally look fine on the website but sometimes can take quite a while for me to get right.

The summer season is beginning to kick in on the Isle of Wight, after a slow start, and the warmer weather means that the cats are spending marginally less time on my lap. At the top of the page it is Tara helping me with reviewing tasks so I’ll give my other cat, Archie, Tara’s son, the chance.


4 thoughts on “How things are going…… (Blogging 101 Introductory Assignment)

  1. lucydanvers

    Really great post, loved the flow of your writing, and it was really appropriate for your blog. Looking forward to your next post.


  2. Kay Carter

    A lovely post Phil. Love the pic, I hope you realise how important it is to have a cats opinion. Good luck with the course.


    1. This is a rare picture of Archie helping rather than hindering the reading process. He’s normally sprawled across the book or sucking the edges of the pages! He does love to pose for the camera though!


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