My 100th Blog Post – A Review Retrospective


Well, here it is! My 100th Post in just a few days under six months.  It was back at the end of January I first nervously clicked on the “Publish” button.  So as a little celebration,  I thought today would be  a good time to just take a look back at the reviews that have been attracting the most attention – so today it’s  links to the Top 3 most read reviews – first books, then CDs.

  1. markandvoidThe Mark And The Void – Paul Murray (Reviewed on here in June) –

This book is published at the end of this month by Penguin and it seems as if a lot of people are eagerly awaiting its arrival as it has become my most read blog post.  My friends over at were also keen on this review and so they have also put it over on their site where it is attracting considerable attention.  It does seem like Paul Murray might have one of the big hits of the year.   I am very pleased to see this at the top of my list because it is still the best book I have read this year and it is  something of a comic masterpiece.

2.  bamberThe Murders At White House Farm – Carol Ann Lee (Reviewed on here in June)

30th July is a big day because it is also when my second most read reviewed book gets published.  This one has been slugging it out with the Paul Murray book, which has just crept ahead, so it seems another one where there is a lot of interest.  A non-fiction account of the murders of the Bamber Family.  Published by Sidgwick & Jackson/Pan Macmillan.

3.branston Murder! Hollywood Style – Carol Branston (Reviewed on here in May)

Published April 2015 by First Edition Publishing, Carol and I had quite a correspondence following the review of this book and she kindly agreed to be my first interviewed author on my Author Strikes Back thread.

Hopefully, the interest in these three books has generated/will generate some good sales for the authors.

1.madeline Bell’s A Poppin’ -Madeline Bell (Reviewed on here in March)

How delightful that this under-rated performer should have generated the most interest.  It is probably the most obscure of the CDs I have so far reviewed and I hope there have been a few sales as a result of this exposure.  A 2004 CD issue of a 1967 album (with additional tracks)

2. bassey20 Of The Best – Shirley Bassey (Reviewed on here in February)

A British national treasure and a real diamond of a compilation from 1996

3.oleta Evolution – Oleta Adams (Reviewed on here in February)

A trio of classy ladies completed by Oleta and her superb album from 1993. I love it that someone put into a search engine “Who played saxophone on the Oleta Adams version of Don’t Let Me Be Lonely?” and found the answer on my blog site.  We aim to educate!!

So, in case you missed any of the most read reviews I’ve put in all the links for you to take a look.  I’ll review the numbers again at the end of the year.  I wonder if these will still be at the top…………..

Here’s to the next 100 blog posts!

7 thoughts on “My 100th Blog Post – A Review Retrospective

  1. Kay Carter

    A centurion. I hadn’t realised you had posted 100 blogs.I always look forward to reading your reviews, be it books or music. They are always well informed and never negative. Keep it up Phil, this follower is looking forward to the next 100


  2. It’s always fun to see what reviews attract most interest – not always the ones you’d think! My most popular review is of a Robert Louis Stevenson short story Thrawn Janet, written in old Scots, which still gets several views a week from all over the world. Go figure! Baffles me…

    Keep up the good work!


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