My 200th Blog Post – What You Have Been Reading


This is my 200th blog post.  I didn’t think I’d be notching up those numbers when I began at the end of January 2015 -and it is thanks to all you lovely readers out there keeping me blogging 3-4 times a week.  At the start of the year I had a little look back at the most read blogs and said I was zeroing the clocks until my 200th post when we’d have another review retrospective.  These are the 5 most read blog posts since the start of the year with links just in case they passed you by when they originally appeared.  It’s an all-new top 5 from 2015- although I suspect that my all-time most read post “The Murders At White House Farm” by  Carol Ann Lee is currently just lurking outside the Top 5 until the paperback is published in April when I suspect the review will have a new lease of life…

I know it’s only been about six weeks since my  What You’ve Been Reading 2015  but I thought I was seeing the pattern, that it was reviews of the most recently published books which attracted the most attention – however, statistics are meant to confound and that has certainly been the case here.

5. My Top 10 Books of 2015  Part 1 (10-6) (Posted in December)

More of you wanted to know what was in the lower half of my Top 10 than my Top half.  Well, as a reminder it featured books by Terry Ronald, Sara Baume, Grace Jones, edited by Biddy Baxter and Carol Ann Lee

4. The 13th Apostle – Michel Benoit (Published in 2007.  Reviewed January 2016)


My most read book review so far this year is this gripping French novel full of religious intrigue and based on ex Benedictine monk Benoit’s academic research. This gives it a sense of greater plausibility than many other books in the adventure novel genre.

3. National Libraries Day – Book Bingo Launch (Posted in February)


Great to see my little fund-raising initiative attracting readers.  Bingo card update – I now have three squares covered – I got my third for reading Jonathan Dark Or The Evidence Of Ghosts on my Kindle – a book which when published could be one of the “dark horses” (see what I did there) of the year.

2. Let’s Groove -The Best Of – Earth Wind & Fire  (Released in 1996.  Reviewed in October 2015)


My 30th ranked album on my 100 Essential CDs list has received a boost in its viewings since the sad death of EW&F’s founding member, song-writer and producer Maurice White at the beginning of February.  I hope my review of this album is a fitting tribute to this legendary artist.

1. Mary Portas Secret Shopper (Shown in January 2016.  Reviewed in January 2016)


It’s been a close run thing but it is the Queen of Shops herself who has got to the top of the pile with her very likeable third series of her shop rescue show.  With TV reviews, CD’s, Book reviews and Book related posts in the top 5 it does look like reviewsrevues has become the revue of reviews I was hoping for when I began the blog site.

We’ll leave Mary Portas at the number 1 position until I review these statistics again- either at the end of 2016 or my 300th post (whichever comes first).

Thanks once again for your support and comments over the last 200 posts.

11 thoughts on “My 200th Blog Post – What You Have Been Reading

  1. Monika McKay

    Hello Phil,

    Just would like to say that the book “Alone in Berlin” by Hans Fallanda has been turned into a film. It was reviewed recently in Berlin Film Festival. No idea how successful. We shall see…

    Best wishes on your next 200th blog post



  2. Monika McKay

    Not sure if fictionfan received the reply from Phil. Fo rsome reasons it came through to me. Anyway, Phil could you please resend it? Thanks.



    1. Hi Monika- I think this is happening because you are currently subscribing to follow-up comments- that means if you make a comment on a post and someone else comments afterwards you are included in the conversation. You can stop this happening by clicking on the “Unsubscribe from all follow-up comments” link on the e-mail you get notifying you of a new comment. That way you will only get the comments from me! Best wishes Phil

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Monika McKay

        Hi Phil,
        sorry for causing chaos. I probably misunderstood and kept ticking the box at the end of the reply. Thanks for pointing that out.



  3. Kay Carter

    Congratulations on your 200th. I look forward to the next 200. Keep them coming, I may not always agree with you, but this is your blog…… I always enjoy reading them though.

    Liked by 1 person

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