Book Bingo- A Monthly Update



How has it got to June already?  Back in February when we started the Book Bingo fundraiser at the library I volunteer at the six months we set for the game loomed far ahead in the distance.  Now there is only two months to go.  Around 6 of the participants have now completed their bingo card.  I’m not doing too badly but will need to pull my finger out a bit if I’m going to complete my card before the start of August and be in with a chance for the draw for the cash prize!  (£25!!  Well it is a local community fundraiser – and we didn’t anticipate such a high uptake).

For a reminder of last month’s update click here and for information about the setting of the Book Bingo click here.

This month two new balloons have joined my card.  At the right hand end of the third row it said “A book of poetry”.  I fancied a bit of children’s poetry with this one and borrowed from the library Michael Rosen’s A-Z edited by Michael Rosen (Puffin 2009).  My review for this book can be found here.  The other new balloon is the first square on the fourth line.  This said “By An American Author”.  For this I chose to read “A Man Of Genius” (Una 2016) the debut novel from octogenarian New Yorker Lynn Rosen.  My review of this book can be found here.

That leaves me with 8 squares to fill in two months.  That is possible if it wasn’t for the pile of newly published books waiting for review.  Four of them need to be taken from the library shelves- so I’m going to have to get borrowing and let the review pile build up.  I’ll keep you posted on this next month. I’m going to designate next month my own personal Public Library Borrowing Month!


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