Book Bingo – A Monthly Update


There is just one month to go for my local community library’s book bingo initiative which I set up in February.  For last month’s update click here.  To find out what the whole thing is all about click here.

I said last month I was going to have to let the review pile build up as a number of my uncovered squares had to be taken directly from the library shelves.  I’ve been partly successful as I have got three new balloons this month.  That does leave me with a worrying five to still cover.  I know what books I will be reading for these, it is just a matter of getting round to them in time so as I can join the growing number of library users who have completely covered their cards.

So  on to the three I got this month.  Second on the bottom row, covered by the brown balloon was “Lent To You By Someone”.  I need to thank my friend Penny for this.  I was with her in Waterstones when she purchased “The Little Paris Bookshop” and I obviously expressed enough interest in it for her to pass it on to me when she had finished.  I’ve given it back now- so it was definitely a loan, so it gets a balloon.  “The Little Paris Bookshop” is by Nina George and being a recently published paperback translation could have won me a number of my earlier balloons.  My review for this book can be found here.

My other two stickers are for books I have read but the reviews have not yet appeared on here (they will).  On the top row I needed to take out a book from the Young Adult/Teenage section of the library and for a while I’ve been looking at the Darren Shan series of books.  I borrowed and read the first of the series “Cirque Du Freak” and I will let you know what I think of it soon.

I also took out a book from the Crime/Thriller genre section of the library which got me the balloon in the middle of the second row.  I was delighted to find on the shelves the book I wanted to read next in the Peter James DS Grace Series.  This was “Dead Like You” and my review of this will appear in  my next post.

Just under a month to go and five more stickers to complete.  I’ll let you know how close I came to achieving this next month when our Shanklin Library Book Bingo draws to a close with a prize draw for the completed cards (which I can’t win anyway seeing as I set the whole thing up -who wants to hear “fix!” after 6 months of hard reading!)



4 thoughts on “Book Bingo – A Monthly Update

  1. Kay Carter

    I take my hat off to you. I thought this was a terrific idea and so pleased it has been so successful. Not just in making money, but the way it has people talking about the books they have read. Will you make the target before the finishing date? I look forward to finding out. How’s Karl doing with his card?


    1. I’m hoping to finish…..I know what books I have left to read it’s just a matter of time. Karl has a couple more squares to cover than I have- but he’s gaining ground after polishing off a large print Agatha Christie in an afternoon!


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