I’m Moving On……..

But I had no way of knowing

And I don’t know where I’m going

But I’m movin’ on……………………….


It is no wonder that the words of the great Bananarama have been fixed in my head recently.  Their number 24 UK Top 40 hit from 1992 has been a twenty-four hour earworm for some time now.  I’m being haunted by the sounds of Mike Stock and Pete Waterman and I am indeed, moving on.

For those of you contemplating staying with us in our guest house, The Hazelwood, on the Isle Of Wight which has been linked  to this site for some time, you are too late.  Last week, after 10 successful years we hung up the aprons and the rubber gloves and put aside the welcoming smiles and moved out.  For those of you who never actually made it to stay here are a couple of pics to rub in what you may have missed……

A sale and a purchase was lined up and nicely entwined together only solicitors had other ideas which has resulted in us being temporarily homeless and everything having to go into storage.  Thus the words of the Bananarama song became a mantra in my brain.  Things we were being assured that would happen actually didn’t when it came down to it and without much notice we were very fortunate that a friend came to our rescue as he has a house he is not using at the present so together with the two cats we have decamped there.  Next week, following an incredibly stressful time when it regularly seemed as if things were all going to go completely pear-shaped we will be moving into our new house and starting the next phase of our lives still on the Isle of Wight.

The UK needs to do something about house-buying.  A haphazard, stressful experience.  You would not even book a holiday if you got the same level of customer service and lack of information and yet buying a house at probably a couple of hundred times more than the cost of a holiday is fraught with all of these.  At least, it was in our experience (and our previous experience and oh yes, the one before that).  But there is now certainly light at the end of the tunnel.

However, it will take a couple of weeks to get boxes unpacked and internet connection up and running so I am asking you to be patient, don’t click on any unfollow buttons as I will be back hoping to build upon last month which saw the heaviest traffic on reviewsrevues.com ever.


So much has changed, so much stays the same.  Even in our new home Archie is still keen to help out on the production of reviewsrevues.com

2 thoughts on “I’m Moving On……..

  1. Monika

    Sorry, listening to the R4 with one ear…I misread your title, thought you’re commenting on “Moving on”serial by the Liverpoodlian writer Jimmy McGovern…So sorry about your situation. Just stay positive both of you and take your time with posts…Lot of muscle for all the boxes.:) Hope moggies settle down in your new place fast…


    1. Actually, I really like the Jimmy McGovern “Moving On” series and I notice, appropriately for me, that it is on next week. The downside is that is it on in the daytime and I won’t have access to catch-up for quite a while (14 days notice to get Broadband up and running in this day and age!). Thanks for your positive comments, Monika. I will remind myself of them when I am moving boxes around and looking for the kettle!


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