Book Bingo – A Monthly Update

And we’re off!  One month into the Book Bingo organised by my local Shanklin Community library and I’ve managed to achieve four stickers.  Here’s a little reminder of what my card looked like ……………


And here is how it is looking one month later……………….


That’s four stickers this month.  On the top line is “set in another country” for this I chose Iceland in the nineteenth century for “Burial Rites” by Hannah Kent.  The sticker on the second line was for a book set in wartime Britain and for this I read the rather marvelous “Everyone Brave Is Forgiven” by Chris Cleave which has both wartime London and Malta as its setting.  I know a lot of the cards have a book written by an author whose surname begins with the same letter as the first name, I haven’t got this on my card, but Chris would be a good choice for this category too.  I got the frog sticker for “A book published in the last three years” and was helped out here by a review copy of “White Tears” by Hari Kunzru, which also would have been useful if I had a “book with a colour in the title” as some cards have.  Final sticker this month needed a one word title.  Take a bow Ian McEwan with his one worded “Nutshell“.  Ian has written a number of one word title novels, so a useful author for this category!  Three out of the four books were borrowed from the library.

Not that bad for the first month.  I’m ploughing through quite a long non-fiction book at the moment so we’ll see how many more stickers I can claim next month…………………

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