Book Bingo – A Monthly Update

It’s month number 2 of my local community library’s Book Bingo fund-raiser (something I initiated last year).  If you want the whole story behind it just track back through the posts using “Book Bingo” as the search item -but for those of you keeping up with me here is how my card was looking last month……………..


And here we are this month…………….


That’s another three stickers added.  It looks like I’m doing this systematically but I’m not, it’s just how the books I have been reading have been stacking up.  And, as I am sure you will have noticed I’ve got a line! (It took me three months to do this last year).   For my “line prize” I had a choice of a Roald Dahl Character pencil and rubber or a free  DVD or Spoken Word Audio CD set rental.  I thought I’d push my boundaries a bit and went for the audio CDs.  This is not a medium that I’ve ever got to grips with in the past- I’ll let you know how I got on with that in due course.

So three new stickers and these are the books I read to achieve this.  My “Good Job” sticker was for a book not originally written in English and for that I read my first Inspector Montalbano novel, “The Shape Of Water” by Andrea Camilleri which was translated by Stephen Saratelli.

The corner square was occupied by Any non-fiction book and now you know why I ploughed my way through The Young Oxford History Of Britain and Ireland which looked a little out of place on my review stream.  Finally for this month, I needed a book with “and” in the title and good old Marina Fiorato came to the rescue with her newly published “Crimson & Bone“.  All these books have been reviewed on the blog (further proof that I’m actually reading the books and not just cheating to get the pretty stickers!).  To find the review just click on the highlighted title.   Incidentally, it was a bit of a pain to source the stickers before we started this year.  Last year we had balloons which looked lovely but worked out a little pricey with the number needed.  This year I had almost given up hope of finding anything until I found these flowers and animal stickers at WH Smith for a bargain price.  I bought almost their whole stock so hopefully we won’t run out.

The book I am currently reading will fit into the animal in the title category and is the follow-up to a book I have read and reviewed this year.  Any guesses?

3 thoughts on “Book Bingo – A Monthly Update

  1. Kay Carter

    Goodness me that is good going. I have read 4 books since January and 2 on the kindle, currently half way through another on the kindle. Having said that I have had a lot of reading to do for work. Litigation and indemnity stuff.😴😴😴😴😴 hopefully will soon be finished with that and can get back to murders.


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