The Visitors – Catherine Burns (Legend Press 2017)


There’s something down in brother and sister John and Marion Zetland’s cellar and we get to find out really early on what it is in this gripping, compulsive debut.

 I’m not spoiling things by saying it’s Eastern European girls tricked into the country by John and kept as prisoners and sex slaves.  This novel focuses, however, on Marion, now in her late fifties, dominated by her brother and almost in complete denial as to what is going on in their house.  Marion has done little with her life and looks back on a past filled with regrets whilst not functioning in the horrific reality of the present.  This makes for incredibly tense reading.  It is a tale of loneliness (charity shop toys fill the role of friends) and neglect in an environment where evil lurks down the cellar steps.

 If this sounds a little too sordid the author has a masterful hand with characterisation and her depiction of Marion will remain long in my mind.  There’s dark humour amongst the dark themes which I appreciated and which kept me reading to the point where I found it very difficult to put the book down.  This is a very accomplished debut, a combination of crime and horror with a strong literary fiction feel which should make it appeal to more than those who make their reading choices from the darker areas of genre fiction.  Publishers Legend Press seem to be building up a great reputation with high quality first-time authors.  I will be fascinated to see what the author comes up with next.

vistors2Catherine Burns



The Visitors was published in hardback by Legend Press in 2017 and the paperback is due to appear on 1st June 2018.  Many thanks to the publishers for the review copy.

4 thoughts on “The Visitors – Catherine Burns (Legend Press 2017)

  1. Monika

    Not normally my cup of tea, but BANG ON TOPICAL….not find entrtainin, spooky bthrillers, horrors…but even if created, a topic WORTH TO EXPLORE…

    Hope you are both keeping well. Spring (sort of) arrived and the moving clock fab, more daylight…


    1. Hi Monika. Hope you are enjoying this Easter weekend . There is horrific crime lurking in the cellars here but what really impressed me was the way it focused on the everyday life of the sister who knows but chooses to ignore what is going on. That makes it more chilling than if the author chose to focus on the more obviously terrifying things going on.


  2. Monika

    some people are just evil…I had endless conversation with a lady, A Holocaust survivor and she said to me the most chilling thing. “they all were normal, every day people, who chose to ignore it all” she meant German people, AND ALL THE CRIMES IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS WERE PERPETRATED again by ORDINARY people…they were the most cruel….that’s the darkest part of any being, I debate on the point of if even human, by now…….it is like the sister and her cellar…she made her CHOICE….

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