I am Phil, a Reviewer, ex Primary School teacher and headteacher, Library Volunteer and Isle Of Wight guest house properietor and cat owner. I have been blogging since January 2015. This is what you should find on this blog:

– A range of informative and entertaining reviews.

– Help to make informed choices for reading. As I am a reading butterfly, floating from genre to genre you’ll be unlikely to want to read all of my selections (if you do – hurrah! Were we separated at birth?!)

– Follow me to enjoy my latest blogs or pick and choose from the categories or the tag cloud on the right hand side of the blog posts.

– I have a large music collection and enjoy recommending things that are worth seeking out.

– My shelves are full of books waiting to be read so I will be offering a combination of reviews from books you may have missed out on, that I am just getting round to, alongside the newly published.

– I have this compulsion to finish every book I start, even if I hate it, but it is unlikely that I will publish that many negative reviews. If I love it I want to shout it from the rooftops. If I hate it I’m probably more inclined just to never mention it.

– Publishers and authors are welcome to contact me if you would like me to review a book. You can e-mail me at philkarlbeynon@aol.com. I am a member of Netgalley, a featured Directory Reviewer for New Books magazine and Nudge website and a reviewer for Real Readers as well as writing reviewsrevues.

– Fancy a holiday on the Isle of Wight? I could very well be your man. Have a look at my guesthouse at www.hazelwoodiow.co.uk

Join in the blogging experience by posting comments. I do reply to them!

I look forward to hearing from you and having you as a follower!

Check out some hand-picked- for- you reviews to show where I’m coming from……

An Essential Book – The Book Thief- Markus Zusak

An Essential Album – Bell’s A Popping – Madeline Bell

Kid-Lit – Quick, Let’s Get Out Of Here- Michael Rosen

Kid-Lit With A Difference – Young Visiters – Daisy Ashford

A Female Interest Classic – I Capture The Castle – Dodie Smith

Non-Fiction – In Plain Sight – Life And Lies Of Jimmy Saville- Dan Davies

Author Interview – Carol Branston


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hy Phil. This is indeed a lovely About Page! It is kind of a shopping list I’d say, but one that’s still cohesive and most importantly, one that left me excited enough to hit the follow button! Well done 🙂


    • To an extent I want it to be a shopping list – It’s tons better than the couple of sentences that I had up here before which even I didn’t really want to read. I read on the WordPress “About” Tutorial about putting the links in to give a flavour of what you are about and I very much liked that idea. Thanks for the comments and the follow! Welcome to reviewrevues.com!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I just discovered you through the serendipity of web-surfing and I see that I have a lot of catching up to do. Your review of Christopher Isherwood’s Diary, volume 1 made me want to dash off to get my hands on a copy; it was that compelling.. I have bookmarked your website for future reference and look forward to exploring it.


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