Can’t Find What You Are Looking For…………?

searchThen help is at hand.  At the top of the site (underneath the beach huts) I have added three new pages.  There’s an Alphabetical Index of all the reviews on the site, an index of my star ratings and a countdown of my 100 Essential CDs which I am posting alphabetically.  I’m going to be linking these so you will be able to open the pages directly from the index, but as I think I’m going to have to do these individually it might take a little while for it all to be fully linked (and I’ve got to work out how to do it!!).  In the meantime if something takes your fancy and you want to read more then there is a Search box now on the right hand side of the page and/or you may find what you are looking for by clicking on the suggestions in the Tag Cloud a little lower down the page.

I hope these couple of improvements will make navigation around the site easier and will encourage you to spend  even more time on reviewsrevues!

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